Sep 22

Management Is All in the Timing


The pace of business keeps hastening, as advanced technology hypercharges the speed at which data and business opportunities emerge, in addition to increasing the amount and accessibility of those things. Fundamental shifts in market structure have shortened the life cycles of innovation, products, and even executives. CEO tenure in the Fortune 500 has fallen from…

Sep 22

10 Principles of Change Management

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These are the “Top 10” list of guiding principles for change management. Using these as a systematic, comprehensive framework, executives can understand what to expect, how to manage their own personal change, and how to engage the entire organization in the process. 1. Address the “human side” systematically. Any significant transformation creates “people issues.” New…

Sep 22

Why Innovation Matters?

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 Innovation is the key idea that is shaping corporate life, helping leaders conceive previously unimagined strategic options. Take acquisitions, as an example. Most are justified on the basis of cost and capital reduction: for example, the merger of two pharmaceutical companies and the global rationalization of overhead and operations and the savings from combining two…

Sep 22

How to Build Your Management Team

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When does a start-up become a real business? Different people answer that question in different ways. One definition—and a good one—is that a company has reached some level of maturity when its founder no longer relies exclusively on his or her own skills to manage the business. Reaching the point when members of a team…