Geothermal Exploration in El Salvador

Name of the Company




Project Date

August 2014

Background of the Project

Pevier required a development study of the geological feasibility in El Salvador for eventual exploration of resources.

Challenges or Objectives

Design a sustainable strategy for Pevier Geothermal Exploration Project to minimize the risks and environmental impact.


  • Risk Management Plan.
  • Geological studies and reports to make a sustained geothermal conditions of the sites visited.
  • Well-documented basis of the sites visited.
  • Revision and analysis of local and national laws applicable to the project.


Reuser delivered a strategic business proposal for relevant sites based on the identification and description of existing geological structures in each of the 28 sites visited. Each of the sites were characterized by its future potential as a hydrothermal system, such as sources of heat and water recharge and discharge.

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